Little Things can Lead to Big Changes

clean dishes sink

Imagine you have a business that operates sloppily. Your business has lots of sales, lots of employees, lots of activity … but small mistakes are repeatedly made … over and over. Your profitability suffers. How do you change a corporate culture? Do you make grand proclamations and send out memos with new rules? Or do […]

Clean the Chimney


This weekend I cleaned my chimney. I knew it needed cleaning for the past few weeks. Starting a fire was becoming more and more difficult. The air vent had to be opened to the maximum just to keep a fire burning. When the fire-box door was opened, smoke would billow into the room. It was […]

Reacting versus Planning


Two opposite methods can be used to get work done. You can respond 100% to circumstances and then react accordingly. Answering a ringing phone is an example of responding and reacting. Or … You can plan everything 100% and only take action after the plan has been thoroughly designed, tested, and approved. Constructing a building […]

Are You Part of the Problem?


In the workplace, problems and challenges occur all the time. It’s always something … it’s either this or that. Where will we put this? Why can’t we find the inventory that the computer says exists? Why are we out of stock for this standard item? Why do we too often end up reacting instead of […]

Stories of Gumption: BPA Montana

The 2012-13 Business Profrofessionals of America Montana Association State Officer Team: Nicole Moore, President (Sidney HS); Victoria Hill, Membership (Sidney HS); Ashley Kerkaert, Vice President (Shields Valley HS); "Forrest"; Hannah Bloomquist, Secretary (Cascade HS); Miranda McNeil, Public Relations (Park City HS); MaKenna Siebenaler, Communications (Glacier HS).

Stories of Gumption is a regular column that profiles individuals who admirably demonstrate Gumption as we define it. These are the stories of real people who exhibit gumption in overcoming personal challenges, and validate the spirit of Gumption during their journey. Let’s take inspiration from those who seize 100% personal responsibility and show us how […]

Front Porch Thoughs: Consulting

In the speaking business, most speakers are also writers, consultants, coaches, and/or trainers. Very few speakers are strictly keynoters … most speakers also do these other things within their individual businesses. These other things complement and support each other – speaking generates consulting jobs, writing generates speaking, consulting generates speaking and training opportunities< , etc. […]

Pride versus Proud

When you’re proud, you take responsibility for your actions. It’s a motivator for the results you seek. Being proud is a good thing. Pride can be good when used to set standards for yourself. Pride can also be good when it boosts your identity or self-image while you achieve your goals. But … pride has […]