Do your employees or co-workers ever say, “I hate change!” ?

For whatever reason people seem to just hate change. They like the status quo.

The problem is that change keeps occurring. At lightning pace. Staying the same, not evolving, not changing – doesn’t work. You’ll be left behind.

Steve helps individuals and organizations take responsibility and embrace change.

Function with GumptionHe calls his message of personal responsibility Gumption.

Gumption is taking 100% personal responsibility for the way you think, act, and interact with others. Those who do – Function with Gumption.

When an organization Functions with Gumption they become focused, unified, more productive, and more profitable. Things like blame, silo-building, and not-my-job excuse-making disappear.

Do you wish those around you would take more initiative? Act with more personal responsibility?

Steve teaches individuals and organizations to Live their Lives with Gumption.

He does this in one of three different ways:

  1. Keynote Speaker
  2. Conference Host
  3. Corporate Messenger

LogoSidebar_GE-MessengerIf your business is undergoing radical or transformational change, then hire the Messenger.

LogoSidebar_GE-ConferenceHostIf you want your 2- or 3-day conference to be more engaging, have continuity from start to finish, and be a better overall experience for your attendees than hire the Conference Host.

LogoSidebar_GE-SpeakerIf you prefer a speaker who delivers more content than an entertainer … but is more entertaining than a content speaker, than have Steve give his Live Your Life with Gumption keynote at your next meeting.

Make your next meeting memorable & impactful

Steve Weber, a.k.a Forrest Gump, is a provocateur who works with companies and organizations to embrace change.

Using the life lessons from the movie Forrest Gump, Steve delivers interactive, lively, and motivational programs.

His Conference Host service creates an experience of Gumption that prompts change, creates engagement, provides continuity, and delights.